Our Story

Havana Swims was created by Sylvia, an Aussie girl who resides in Melbourne. Since she was little, she had a passion for fashion.  By sourcing different fabrics as her inspiration, she would make clothes by combining different colours, textures and styles to make them striking in appearance, resulting in a unique final piece. Her love of swimwear and fashion started from holidays at the Peninsula and Torquay, where she would spend every living hour in swimsuits and bikinis.

Having a background in fashion design and construction, marketing, and merchandising, she decided to risk it all and start up her own swimwear company. And here we are now!

We at Havana Swims want to provide you with the finest, stylish and most eye-catching swimwear – at the most affordable prices, providing you with great value. With orders going out all over the world, we are pretty happy with how it is all going so far!

Hope you love what we have created. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you need anything.

Sylvia and the Havana Team xx